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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

December 15, 2010

Howdy Blog World!

For over the last year or so I’ve been an avid visitor of many healthy living, fitness, and food/nutrition related blogs. I think it’s time to stop reading, and start writing! Ok, I mean, not stop reading, but join in on all the fun. You get what I mean 🙂

I have a huge passion for fitness, nutrition, and living a full and healthy lifestyle. While I have spent a large majority of my life being active, I didn’t always have the best eating habits, and once I made it to college the active part started to go down hill. Over the past few years, I’ve really put my health on the front burner. It all started with a quest to drop the dreaded freshman 15, nope, more like 40. I started to get my eating habits together and gradually started towards a lifestyle change. I was in and out of the gym through college, but post college I found a love, a LOVE, of running. To date I’ve run numerous 5k’s, a 10k, a half marathon, and have tried my hand at triathlons. Currently, I’m working on my first full, and I can’t wait.

Since my discovery of running, and eating better, my relationship with healthy living has blossomed into so much more then I could have ever imagined. I’ve learned to cook, dabbled in yoga, taken up cycling, eaten food I’d never even heard of, and started strength training.  I love to take care of my body physically and mentally. I relish in pushing my body to it’s physical limits and fueling it with delicious and nutritious foods. I’ve come to be more in tune with myself, and I’ve found the key to my happiness. I am truly living, and not just being!

 On my blog journey, I hope to share you with my love of fitness, nutrition, and the joy I experience  in my life.

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