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The Girl That Can’t Cook

December 29, 2010

With the end of 2010 so rapidly approaching (2 more days!?) I’ve been thinking a lot about the resolutions I made last year. Last year was the first year I made a huge list of resolutions I wanted to conquer. Most people might think setting out to accomplish too many things is just setting yourself up to crash in burn, but all the things on my list were honestly things I knew I could do and wanted to do in the new year.

Here’s what my list entailed:

1. Go to Church more

2. Run a Marathon

3. Cook at home more

4. Eat more nutritious and wholesome foods

5. Win first place in a race

6. Get married and be a good wife

7. Read more books than in 2009 (7 books)

I would really like to eventually discuss how all these resolutions turned out but today I’d like to talk specifically about #3 . Cook more at home.I’ve always liked eating out, and seeing as I worked my way through college waiting tables, eating out fit my lifestyle the best. I would never be caught dead in the kitchen!

 My family is full of some pretty good cooks. My Dad can cook a mean brisket, and has even won a prize for his BBQ chicken. My oldest sister can cook ANYTHING and makes the family famous mashed potatoes, and even my younger sister (5 years younger than me!) served me up the best enchiladas and homemade tres leche cake the first time I visited her first apartment.  BUT,  for some reason in my family I’ve always been labeled as the girl that can’t cook. Maybe it’s because I could not figure out how to make maccaroni and cheese that wasn’t runny,  too dry, or didn’t have little black things in it??? Maybe it was because I honestly did not know there was a difference in that the mysterious stuff in the tub labeled margarine and actual butter. Maybe it was because I left the baking powder out of the cornbread and we had to eat very flat muffins for Thanksgiving. Or maybe, just maybe it was because I once put cooked chicken in a blender because the recipe called for shredded chicken. Who really knows? Anyways, this year was my year! I was going to make leaps and bounds in the kitchen and become the cook no one ever thought dreamed I could be.

As I was making dinner tonight, which I decided later was to be called “whatever soup”, I started reflecting back on this resolution. Now, I would not say I’ve made leaps and bounds, and culinary chefs would probably still laugh at me, and I still get self-conscience when my sister or mother in law is looking over my shoulder to make sure we wont be eating flat muffins again, I have made great progress.

One week this year I told my husband (spoiled the outcome of that resolution) that I was really tired of cooking the boring old dinner plate of meat, veggies, and if I was feeling creative, a starch. I wanted to try something new, actually follow recipes, and have fun in the kitchen. I got on the internet, checked out some blogs, and recipe sites, and viola I had my recipe list and my grocery shopping list. I was so excited scared. It took me a long time to admit this, but I was scared. I was scared of the grocery store. Stupid, I know, but truth be told, I did not know where or what anything was. What is coriander and where is it? Is baking powder the same thing as baking mix? Where the heck do I find yeast? I completely abhorred the idea of walking around the store aimlessly while all the perfect house wifes stared at me like I was a lost puppy. I knew if I ever wanted to have any success in the kitchen I would eventually have to face my nerves and my fear of looking stupid in the grocery store.

 And you know what? I did. And you know what? It wasn’t so bad. I walked very slowly with my grocery list in one hand, my phone in the other, texting my sister (aka the domestic goddess) and my friend (soon to be culinary student) about where I could find different things. It was probably the longest grocery shopping trip of my life, but I left that store so proud of myself. I conquered that grocery store I found the coriander, the yeast, and the baking powder!

That week I made some absolutely delicious recipes, (black bean soup, homemade nutrigrain bars, chicken enchiladas, chicken stir fry, blueberry muffinszucchini pizza). I haven’t looked back since. This week was the start of something grand: me, ME!- the girl who CAN’T cook-cooking! I’m still learning my niche and to be more creative in the kitchen, and I am light years away from being a contestant on Top Chef. I am, however, excited to say I’ve gotten over my grocery store fear, and I’m starting to feel  more brave and comfortable in the kitchen. I can’t wait for all the new recipes and adventures in store for 2011!

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  1. Mom permalink
    February 10, 2011 10:28 PM

    I have light recipe for you. All you have to do is make your favorite salad with any veggies you like in it. Then you brown up some ground turkey and season to taste. Put the cooked meat on top of the salad. I eat mine with out dressing. I love veggies! You can add cheese if you like. Use what dressing you prefer. Very good and filling and low Cal!


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