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Impromtu Girls Night

December 31, 2010

I received a text from my friend this morning that our men were apparently planning a guys night. Wings. Beer. Eh. So what were we to do? Girls night of course! 

I still had about 8 hours in the office and a scheduled training run standing in my way of girls night. I have an 18 week marathon training plan I’ve been following, and today it had me doing 14 miles of interval training to work on my desired marathon pace. However, I’m trying to learn to be more flexible. Marathon training is really important to me, but so are my relationships with my friends and family.  There have been times when I’ve sacrficed time with friends, family, or even my husband to get my run in. I’d really like to work on being able to train to reach my goals while also being there for people in my life. I decided trade Friday’s 7 miles with todays 14 miles. After 7 boring and sweaty miles on my treadmill at home, I showered and met up with the girls.

We went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants (sucker for Mexican food) and enjoyed blue margaritas. It was a very low key dinner, and somehow we ended up back at my apartment to make brownies here. MMMmmm we could hardly wait for them to cool! We ended up staying up way too late and I sure am going to be tired tomorrow.

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