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2011 Goals

January 2, 2011

As I mentioned before, in 2010 I made a whole list of New Years resolutions. I was resolving, making a firm decision, that I was going to do these things.

This year I prefer to call my list of things I’d like to do/work on my goals. Resolutions are too finite, there is no flexibility in them. I no longer feel the need to say, “Ok tomorrow I’m going to wake up and things are going to be different.” That’s how resolutions are, with a resolution we say we’re going to stop an old behavior and then begin a new one in one day. Life isn’t like that, you can’t just change over night, it’s a gradual process. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’ve changed until we have that “aha” moment and remember where we came from.

I came up with my list of goals to work on in 2011, not because I thought I’d wake up on Jan 1, 2011 and thing swould be different, but because they were things I recognized I need/ wanted to work on in my life. Some are very concrete and can be crossed off the list one at a time, and some are gradual lifestyle changes I’d like to begin practicing.

Mental/ spiritual Goals:

  • Attend Church more- I’d really like to establish a home church for JJ and I to build on strong marriage and family values on. 
  • Focus on relationships- with family and friends. I felt like I’ve spent so much time in the last 2 years focusing on myself and my goals, and figuring out who I am that I am ready to devote more time to other people. I’d like to build and keep lasting relationships. I’m not always the greatest at expressing my feelings or showing people that I care and it is something I am working on.
  • Volunteer for something- I’d like to volunteer my time or resources to something bigger than myself.
  • Stress less- I tend to sweat the small stuff. I’m going to work on keeping a positive attitude when I’m dealing with stressful situations. I know in my heat that we control our own situations and determine whether a situations comes out good or bad.



  • Get Faster- I’d like to work on my speed base for shorter differences and better my 5k or 10k time.
  • Work out more in the mornings- It would be so nice to have more time for myself after work instead of squeezing in a work out, dinner, relax time, and time with the hubby all in one short evening.
  • Kayak and/or mountain bike with my dad– Obviously because this would be a blast, and because it would be a great bonding experience while doing something active.
  • Do another triathlon- I love this sport, it is by far my most favorite event to compete in and training is fun because it’s not the same thing every day.
  • Hike more often- I have a few trails around my area I’d like to explore.
  • Do another trail run- I did my first trail run in 2010 and it was a really neat experience.
  • Do more and learn more yoga- I started going to yoga consistently in 2010, and I have been reading a book about yoga. I’m really excited to do more of this sport because it has done wonders for my mind and body.

Carreer Goals:

  • Move towards one of my passions- and set a plan to get there. I’m really passionate about fitness, food, and healthy living and I’d like to explore my options and make a decision about where I’d like to or can go in this field.

Other Goals:

  • Set a budget for the husband and I- eventually we’d like to buy a house and saving money and setting a budget is where we must start.
  • Practice more ways to save money– do more couponing, and meal planning and work on ways to save money other than just “not spending”
  • Keep my car cleaner (already been working on this in 2010!)
  • Blog more and stick with it– Blogging is a way to document your life , like a journal where you can go back and look at the memories. I’d like to remember the fun I’ve had with friends and the things I’ve accomplished in my life. It will also help me to remember to take more pictures because I’m really bad about making sure to capture the moments.
  • Learn more and practice more cooking- I’ve enjoyed learning more and more about cooking in 2010 and I’m excited to see how much more creative and better I can get at cooking. The way to my man’s heart is definitely through his stomach 🙂

Cheers to 2011 and accomplishing all your goals and aspirations!

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