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Runners Have the Best Buns

January 15, 2011

Fabulous low-key day for me over here.

Made a baked apple breakfast ,enjoyed coffee with my hubby, and did a work out in my at home “gym”. I was feeling something different from the usual “run 6 miles”

Makeshift work-out:

20 minutes on the indoor trainer

1 mile on the treadmill:

Level One of Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown:

Best thing about working out at home?

You can wear mis-matched neon colored socks with holes in them and no one cares!!

Post work out shake:


Hubby and I went shopping today. I love the outlets we went to because they have my 3 favorite outlets, Under Armour, Nike, and Coach…. be still my <3. I checked out all 3 stores and came home with some great loot.

I couldn’t resist that shirt!

Shopping took quite a bit longer than we had planned because the outlet malls were packed! We were starving by the time we left. I was in the mood for pizza. On the way home we found a hole-in-the-wall pizza place we’d never heard of and it turns out they have great reviews on multiple sites.

The pizza was awesome. We got the chicken alfredo. Wood-fired chicken, spinach, artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes, and alfredo sauce.

Naturally, we devoured the pizza in the car. Yes, we were THAT hungry. There was no way me and my marathon appetite could survive in the car for 20 more minutes starving with a hot pizza in my lap.

Eating pizza in the car = best idea ever

The rest of this evening involved relaxing, resting, and football. I think I’m actually going to head to bed soon got a double-digit run on the plan book for the morning.

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