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(Almost) 12 Rainy Miles

January 16, 2011

After having breakfast at the in-laws, my run got started a lot later than I had anticipated. It had been drizzly/rainy all day and when I geared up for my run the weather still hadn’t cleared up. I decided what the heck, I was only planning to run 10-14 miles depending on how good or bad my legs were feeling after I hit the double digits. That wasn’t too far to run in a drizzle, or down pour- whatever.

I packed up some Clif Shot Blocks to take about an hour in:

I got started and was feeling pretty good. I was pacing just right. It didn’t feel hard, but it didn’t feel too easy. I wasn’t the only crazy person running in the not so perfect weather either, so that made me feel a little better. I stayed in the path on the park until about mile 6 when I ventured out to the sidewalk on the street. I wasn’t really enjoying dodging the big puddles along the sidewalk, or the cars splashing me as they drove by but it was better than the monotony of running around the same 1 mile loop at the park 14 times.

It started to rain pretty bad at about mile 6, but something about running in the rain felt so invigorating. I felt like I could run forever. My iPod quit on me about this point because of the rain. There was something in the sound of the rain and the repetitive beat of my sneakers hitting the pavement that was so soothing. I got back to the park at about mile 10.5 and it was really starting to pour. My legs were still feeling wonderful but I was getting cold and didn’t have a dry spot left on me. I decided to go for one more loop around the park and head back to my car.

Overall it was a very great run. I’m so excited to be at the end of my marathon training. I have a few short runs to complete this week and a very easy 10 mile run for my LAST long run before the marathon. 



Mile 1: 9:06

Mile 2: 9:05

Mile 3: 9:06

Mile 4:8:58

Mile 5:9:03

Mile 6:9:13

Mile 7: 9:06

Mile 8:9:05

Mile 9:8:55

Mile 10:8:51

Mile 11:8:50

Last .87: 7:38 (8:38 pace)

Total: 11.87 Miles     Avg Pace: 9:01

This was a great pace for me and I’m hoping (fingers crossed) for the marathon this will be abouy my average.

I’m in relax mode now and headed to make dinner (Italian Sausage and Sweet potato Fries). Why must the weekends go by so fast??

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