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Relaxing Friday

January 21, 2011

Thankfully, the rest of my Friday work day went by really fast. Is it just me, or did the whole work week go by fast? That’s always a plus!

What did I eat during work you ask?

Mid-morning snack: Water, an apple, and a mocha (made from one pack of organo gold). I have been really focusing on hydrating and carrying my big water bottle around with me religiously.

For lunch, I had some left over Southwest Potato and Corn Soup with a piece of bread. I’m telling you this soup was even better than the first time. The flavor really had time to develop.

I was so ready to get off work and hit the pavement.


Once 5 o’clock rolled around It was quite chilly because the sun was nearly gone. I ran my 4 miles way too fast because I was ready to get out of the cold. I couldn’t feel my hands when I was done. Mad props to all you who run in the snow up north. I’m a cold-weather-running-weenie.


Mile 1: 8:06

Mile 2: 7:47

Mile 3: 8:42

Mile 4: 7:48

Avg Pace: 8:06

I came home and did a 15 minute ab work out and stretched.

Hubby had plans to go out with the guys to play pool and I decide to seize the opportunity and have a very relaxing Friday.

I hopped in here for about 30 minutes after my workout, and boy was it relaxing.

For dinner I’m currently enjoying some left overs.

I made this on Monday I think:

– 1 package of tortellini pasta (2.5 servings)

– 2 links of italian sausage baked and sliced (these  were left overs too)

– 1 small can of tomato sauce

– 3 table spoons of balsamic vinegar

– 1 table-spoon of dried basil

– salt and pepper to taste

– top with parmesan

Well, it’s time for me to enjoy some Netflix, and perhaps, some chocolate. What is a relaxing Friday night without chocolate?

Do you ever have a relax night of the weekend or do you prefer to go out?

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