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Weekly Meal Plan

January 23, 2011

Good Morning!

Productive morning going on over here so far; as soon as hubby and I got out of bed I headed straight to the kitchen to ponder what was for breakfast. Ok, that’s not the complete truth, I was already dreaming about syrupy, powdery French toast when I rolled over to see it was 8 o’clock and a perfectly acceptable time to wake up and start breakfast.

While I was prepping the goods, Hubby started on the dishes. Again, I’m a lucky woman.

Shh… don’t tell him I caught him in dishwashing action.

So, how was your Saturday?

Yesterday, it was so gorgeous outside. Not a cloud in sight. I did what any runner would do and turned my planned 5k run into a 5 mile run so I could bask in the sunshine. I hung around a 9 minute pace and it felt fabulous. I hope this is about the groove I can get into for the Marathon- eek, just one week!


I’ve got a pretty packed schedule today; grocery shopping, cleaning (seems like that always makes the list), my LAST long run, and some major stretching and foam rolling.

Lately, I’ve been putting the grocery store off. I’ve been stopping by a couple times a week to pick up fresh produce for snacks and different items I may need to prepare dinner. Over the past few months I had gotten into the habit of meal planning. I would write out a list of 14 meals, in no particular order, that would serve as the basis for my grocery list, plus convenience foods for lunch and snacks etc. With the holiday hustle and bustle and eating out too much I’ve kind of slipped from meal planning.

On my grocery trip today I’m going to get back in the habit. However, instead of planning for 14 meals, I’m only going to plan for 7. I find that I have to make a trip to the grocery store at least once a week for produce, so I might as well make a weekly plan instead of trying to stock up for 2 weeks, and keep going back to the grocery store for extra produce.

My meal plan this week includes:

Breakfast: Smoothies, Oatmeal, breakfast quesadillas

Lunch: Amy’s Burrito, Sandwiches, Pasta, Left-overs, salad

Dinner: Sweet potato and black bean quesadillas, beans and cornbread, chicken and baked potatoes, BBQ enchiladas, two different pastas.

Snacks: Cucumbers, carrots, bell pepper, apples, oranges, pears, Luna bars, fruit snacks, and yogurt.

I wrote out my meals last night, because what 25 year old doesn’t spend their Saturday night meal planning? I’ve got my list and I’m ready to go.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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