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I’m Ready for This

January 29, 2011

I’ve got my coffee and breakfast ready

I’ve got the hair situation figured out.

And the gear is all laid out.

I’m so ready for this. Come rain or come shine. I can do anything I want and put my mind to. I’ve trained for 22 weeks. I’ve ran long runs. I’ve run short runs. I’ve done tempo runs. I’ve done recovery runs. I’ve done speed work. I’ve skipped happy hours. I’ve run on holidays. I’ve run in the morning. I’ve run at night. I’ve run 20 miles or more 3 times. I’ve run 17 miles twice. I’ve run 15 miles three times. I’ve run more than 10 miles 21 out of the 22 Sundays in training. I’ve lost sleep. I’ve gotten extra sleep. I fueled up. I’ve learned when I need to fuel more. I’ve learned when I need to fuel less. I’ve ran fast. I’ve ran slow. I’ve ran to music. I’ve ran to the TV. I’ve ran in the silence. I’ve ran in the blistering humid Houston heat. I’ve ran in the freezing temperatures. I’ve ran in the rain. I’ve ran when it’s perfect out. I’ve had great runs. I’ve had bad runs. I’ve iced. I’ve heated. I’ve stretched. I’ve strength trained. I’ve done yoga. I’ve researched. I’ve read. I’ve but my heart, my time, my strength, and my mind into this. I am ready for it. Whatever it brings, my only goal is to enjoy myself, feel like I gave it my best, and cross the finish line with a smile on my face.

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