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A Perfect Saturday

February 12, 2011

After my stabilizing breakfast I cleaned up the house a bit and then got dressed to go get some exercise.

I had a mini clif bar for some fuel before I took off.

My bike date cancelled on me today so I decided to take a leisurly solo ride. It was really nice. I wanted to ride my bike on the trails and not the roads so I decided to take my hybrid bike with me or “The Green Monster” as I like to call him.

I pedaled along enjoying the beautiful day and a little over an hour later I was done riding about 14 miles.

After my bike I headed out for a quick 3 mile run and I ended up running a pretty speedy 5k- for me!

I came home pretty ravenous and had a left over taco from last night and some blue corn tortilla chips.

After a little relaxation and staring at my ugly runners toes I decided it was the perfect afternoon for a pedicure. I made a call and four of us girls headed off for pedicures.

Afternoon snack, homemade starbucks. Yep-homemade! Recipe coming soon 🙂

After a great day Hubby and I headed over to the inlaws for a delcious dinner.

All in all a perfect day. I hope your Saturday was just as fabulous!

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