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30-MMM: Pan Fried Chickpeas and Weekend Recap

June 27, 2011


I’ve got a delicious recipe for y’all, but first let’s hear some tidbits from the weekend.

Friday night, my sister’s family came over to cook dinner. As soon as they walked in the door my sister and her hubby completely took over my kitchen. Fine by me! I got to spend some extra time with my sweet nephews.


Saturday, my sister and I went to spin class together. I’m finding that lately that having a workout buddy really helps me with motivation. I so wanted to piddle around the house and have coffee but since I knew my sister would be meeting me at the gym I hightailed it to the gym Thanks sis Smile

After that, we went to a place called Painting With a Twist for a girls day. It was really cool! At Painting With a Twist you’re handed a blank canvas and paints and an instructor teaches you stroke by stroke how to create a painting. They have all kinds of paintings to choose from like nature, animals, and sports teams.  We chose to go to paint starry night.


What do you think?


Is it close?

Another reason why Painting with a Twist is really cool is that you get to bring your own food and drinks. My friend brought mimosas and made us these really cute wine glasses with our initials on them. Loved mine! It was pink and very me Smile


After painting my sister and I did a little shopping and stopped for coffee. I had an iced americano topped with soy. It was really good!


Sunday, I ran 8 miles with Rachael. Again, so thankful to have a workout buddy. Then we went to church and had a birthday party for my nephew.

Phew! It was as busy busy weekend, but it was great because it was very family oriented.

As promised here’s a delicious recipe for ya. This recipe is so easy it’s almost ridiculous.

Pan Fried Chickpeas


You need:

  • 1- 15 oz can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 5 stalks green onion, diced
  • 1/2 medium red onion, diced
  • 1 handful cilantro leaves
  • 1 t curry powder
  • 1/4 t seasalt
  • lemon zest from 1/2 a lemon
  • 1 T olive oil
  • 1/2 avocado for garnish (optional)


On medium high heat, heat olive oil in pan. Add chickpeas and fry for 3-5 minutes. Toss in green and red onions, curry powder, lemon zest and salt. Allow chickpeas to reach a golden brown color, about another 5 minutes.  Lower heat to warm and once slightly cooled add in cilantro leaves ( they’re best if they don’t get too wilted and cooked). Top with thing slices of avocado for garnish.



Do you enjoy spending time with your family as much as I do? What’d you have for dinner tonight?

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13 Comments leave one →
  1. June 27, 2011 10:58 PM

    I love painting with a twist! I’ve been twice 🙂 Once I did Audrey Hepburn and the other time I did a peacock! I’ve see that painting before (Starry Night) and wanted to try it! It’s amazing how someone with no artistic experience can walk out feeling like a true artist there.

  2. June 28, 2011 7:04 AM

    I will be trying this recipe tonight probably haha..I eat chickpeas all the time and have yet to do anything but eat them raw!

  3. June 28, 2011 8:41 AM

    Your painting looks great- I’ve been wanting to try that- it looks really fun!

  4. June 28, 2011 9:19 AM

    Oh my goodness. Lots of comments from me today:
    – First, that chickpea/avocado recipe looks delicious. Nothing like fresh avocado, in my mind! Was this filling? Because I typically eat a ton and am hoping that would hold me over for lunch vs. a snack.
    – Second, your weekend sounds amazing! I love family time tremendously (even if my family can be a little stressful) and working out + mimosas + cooking + artsy activity looks so fun.
    – The painting looks awesome! Can I ask what city this is in? I’m hoping New York has something close 😉

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. June 28, 2011 10:01 AM

    Great job on that painting! Starry Night is SO beautiful 🙂

  6. June 28, 2011 10:27 AM

    I’ve always wanted to do one of those painting classes! So fun!

    I’ve only eaten chickpeas in hummus or when someone else has made them. This recipe sounds delish!

    I LOVE spending time with my family!!! It’s one of my fave things to do! =)

  7. June 28, 2011 10:37 AM

    Your painting rocks! I agree about work out buddies, that’s my number one mission in this new town!

  8. June 28, 2011 11:04 AM

    That painting rocks. Such a cool idea… I want to find something like that in my area

  9. Kalli permalink
    June 28, 2011 6:34 PM

    gosh what a great weekend! love when sis takes over the kitchen and love your painting-how fun!

  10. June 28, 2011 7:01 PM

    That painting place seems so cool! I love art. I love spending time with family, too! More than anything in the world. You had an awesome weekend and kick started your week with a delish meal! Yummy

  11. June 29, 2011 7:06 PM

    Your Starry Night looks great! We have something very similar to that here and you’re right, it’s so much fun! Although I’m a little too analytical…I spent too much time & effort making sure everything was even, ha!
    I’ve bookmarked this as I’ll have to try the recipe. It looks delicious, thanks for posting!

  12. June 29, 2011 11:14 PM

    That sounds like fun! We have a painting place like that over here, I wanna go one day. Your painting turned out great!

  13. June 30, 2011 9:22 AM

    I think I need to try that recipe. I love chickpeas!

    I love spending time with my family too- I hate that they live so far away 😦

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