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Weekend Adventures in Mt. Vernon

January 25, 2018

After a few weeks of cold and snow in the house  we were feeling ready to get out of the house this past weekend and we had a blast just being a bit spontaneous and exploring some new sites.

Friday morning started off with 7 icy miles with Lisa. Lisa asked if I wanted to do a “later” AM run at 7:15. I am always excited when someone wants to run with me in the daylight hours instead of headlamp hours so I happily obliged.

Later in the morning, Witten and I made a short trip out to Lancaster to have lunch with our friends and check out a well-known play place there that we had purchased a Groupon for a few months back. Lancaster is about 30 miles southeast of Columbus which makes it a perfect little day trip. In fact, we made it home in time to still squeeze in an afternoon toddler nap!

Not going to lie, the part of the day I was most excited for was lunch at  The Well. It is a charming restaurant located one block off Main Street in Lancaster. They had an adorable play area with a wooden tree house, kitchen, and books that kept the boys highly entertained and the staff was so welcoming to them. The menu boasts so many delicious, seasonal, and organic choices. Check it out! I feel like I need to visit seasonly to see what’s on the new menu each turn of the season.


I had a hard time deciding what to get, but ultimately chose The Horsey Bowl and the winter tonic. The tonic was apple cider vinegar, orange, ginger, baobab, and stevia. I definitely plan on replicating this drink at home. Cheers!


After lunch we headed over to “AHA!- A Hands on Adventure” children’s museum which was in perfect walking distance from The Well. This play space did not disappoint. One thing I loved about the space was that it was multiple exhibits, but all in one open room which was great for keeping an eye on a wandering toddler. Sample exhibits included an art zone, fishing lake, bulldozer, fire truck, crane, lego table, vet office and Witten’s favorite, the water table.

Friday night when JJ got home we decided to go check out the 50% off and buy one get one free sale at Fleet Feet in Polaris and grab some dinner. Unfortunately I didn’t find any running shoes. It’s always tough to find sales when you wear the average shoe size! Dinner was at Molly Woo’s Asian Bistro. Honestly, the food was just okay, but I was there for the company of my boys.

Saturday morning I got in some cross training time on the elliptical then JJ suggested we take a trip out to Mt. Vernon, OH just to poke around and get out of the house. Mt. Vernon  is about 50 miles NW of Columbus, so it made for another perfect day trip.

First stop was Ariel Foundation Park which was a gem that JJ found looking for things to do in Mt. Vernon. The park is a 250-acre former glass-making factory that has architectural ruins of the factory, an observation tower, and other sculptures.


As soon as we got to the park we spotted the observation tower and decided to make the trek up until we both realized how freakishly high up it actually was. You can see the ground beneath you with every step on the way to the top. With the slippery snow conditions and toddler in tow I was too nervous to go all the way to the top. I definitely want to revisit the park when its warmer with a goal of making it to the top of the tower.


We spent a good hour and a half trekking through the snow and looking at the various sculptures and buildings, but I think the highlight for us Texas folks was enjoying being outside in the snow. I would love to go back and explore the park more thoroughly in the warmer months, it was a great find!

After the journey in the park we headed over to the town square to see what Mt. Vernon was all about. I have a love for small town squares and seeing a view of its history/foundation.

While making the drive through town we saw a sign for an Italian bakery and needed no convincing to pull into the spot right outside the front door. Oh man! This bakery had soooo many delicious looking treats it was hard to choose. JJ decided on a Texas Kolache which he said was so spicy and lived up to its name. I chose a cup of coffee and a Chocolate Caramel Macaroon which was like a Girl Scout cookie on steroids. It was seriously so. good. We also snatched a few samples of chocolates and a filled to order Canoli. Cookies for lunch? Witten definitely approved!

The bakery was called Ferrari  Baking Company. Turns out the owners were actually originally from Houston, TX so it was fun to make a little connection with them. It is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.


Sunday morning I set off for my long run with a lovely group of ladies. The running community here in Columbus is so amazing and I absolutely love that I can always count of having someone to enjoy miles with.  I ended up doing about 8 miles with the group and 5 miles on my own because I needed to hurry back to get ready for church. It was nice to get a break from the crazy temperatures, but still enjoy the views of snow on the trail. There were a few crazy spots where I felt like I was doing hurdles, but I am completely soaking in these new experiences.


The rest of Sunday was filled with church followed by our traditional lunch trip to Whole Foods, grocery shopping, yoga, and a little relaxing.

I have an exciting weekend of hiking in store this weekend and I can’t wait to share some pictures and experiences.

What fun have you been up to on the weekends? Have you had a lot of snow where you are at? There seems to be cold winter all over the US!


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